Atlanta Buffing Company - "when you want the best metal finish "
Atlanta Buffing Company
At Atlanta Buffing Company we take pride in offering the following services @ a high standard of workmanship and professionally and will deliver a service second to none. We employ quality minded and trained employees to perform museum quality workmanship product, and we use the finest quality products to provide the following services. Turn around time varies in most cases 1 to 2 weeks.
1.)Buffing, Polishing the following:.
- Silver
- Aged Chrome
- Brass
- Zinc
- Pewter
- Aluminum
- Chrome plastic
- Gold
- Nickel
- Stainless Steel
2.) MEDIA BLASTING : We only use environmentally safe products that leave your parts with a stain finish and less prep needed vs. other methods on the market (size up to about 48'' long and 24" depth and 24" height).
-your product will be degreased 1st.
-media blasted to a stain finish
-turn around time: varies from 3 to 10 days in most cases
-Baking Soda or Glass #8.
3.) Complete line of service Mats :
- American made mats.
- Highest grade commercial mats you can buy.
- We buy over stock straight from the factory in Dalton or Calhoun Ga. and we paid cash to get the biggest price break and this is why we offer at 50% to 85% discount.
- We price the mats at the lowest price and if you buy 1 mat or 100 mats, it is the
   same price to all, that's why we sell and ship all over the U.S. .
- You can see our complete line of service mats on our Store on Ebay ((( (User name is Atlantabuffingcompany )))) or any question feel free to call our mat sales dept. and ask for Gary he is the manager of our complete line of American made mats collection.

 4.) Chrome Plating Service :
- Turn around time is 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 weeks + or -.
- Please look at the pictures of past projects on this website.
- We don't re-chrome auto or motor cycle wheels or Bumpers.
50% Deposit when order is placed and balance is due with-in 72 hours when we have parts ready to pick up or when we ship out balance is due before shipping.
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